How does the 27-year-old woman who looks like a 70-year-old woman live today?

At 27, Ekaterina Nezhentseva looks 70 years old. The unique phenomenon that happened to the girl made her famous. He often appeared on popular talk shows.

Katya was born in Novi Urengoy. The mother’s pregnancy was proceeding normally, so the diagnosis of the child came as a real surprise to her. The doctors shrugged and gave no hope. Moreover, the woman was assured that her child would not live long.

But, fortunately, these forecasts were not justified. The girl survived and grew up like everyone else, her body developed according to her biological age. Only since childhood her face was covered with deep wrinkles, outwardly she looked like an old woman.

Doctors advised Katya to undergo plastic surgery to somehow improve her appearance. But the family didn’t have the means, so my mother decided to take part in the programs of the Première Chaîne. Nezhentseva told her story from the age of 10.

Our heroine was helped by surgeons, but she will have to do “supportive” plastic surgery every year.

As for her personal life, Catherine does not lack male attention. She met her first husband by chance. The guy had gotten the wrong number and was so mesmerized by the stranger’s voice that he asked her out on a date.

Catherine had two sons. Unfortunately, the youngest inherited his mother’s singularity. However, the couple’s relationship deteriorated over time. They quickly broke up.

But Nezhentseva was not alone for a long time, a new chosen one appeared in her destiny, who treats the heirs of her beloved very well.

Katya is in no hurry to remarry, but admits that she feels happy.

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