A small white deer found stranded in the middle of the road by a man

Last week, a white animal was on the road when a truck driver in California asked to stop. When he approached it, he saw that it was a deer, with bright white fur. Due to its pure white fur, he first mistook it for a lamb. The orphan was immediately adopted by the rescue.

According to the rescue team, it is not uncommon to find an albino deer in a herd of wild browns, but it is unusual to see a mother missing at such a young age. The three-week-old fawn was lucky not to be hit by a car, making it the first albino deer to be cared for.

Spirit has shown determination to grow into a strong animal, and a skilled rehabilitation team watches over him every step of the way. Diane Nicholas, director of the establishment, each year saves orphans too young to live on their own.

They are doing very well now, continues Stratton-Quirk. They eat and gain weight! He eats.

Over the next six months, Spirit will learn to forage on its own and interact with other deer, with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.

There is already an established population of albino deer in the area, and it is hoped that Spirit will do well.

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