There is no sign of attractive Jolie. Fans are stunned by Angelina Jolie’s appearance during a walk

Fans barely recognized Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie tried to follow all the rules of self-isolation with her children. She only went out to teach. Therefore, the actress disappeared from the view of the fans. Nevertheless, recently the actress appeared in public, she went for a walk with her eldest daughter Zahara.

However, fans barely recognized Angelina Jolie. She was wrapped in a winter coat. The actress put on high boots and hid her face under a scarf instead of a mask. Fans noted that the actress lost a lot of weight and aged. Jolie looked like an old woman.

“Why is she wearing winter clothes, it’s not that cold in LA?” » « She is always cold because she is thin » « She is not very beautiful » « There is no sign of Angie being attractive », « Why such an outfit? “, “I barely recognized her”, “Zakhara becomes more attractive”, commented the Internet users.

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