From school clown to Hollywood stardom. What did Sigourney Weaver look like when she was young?

Sigourney Weaver is one of Hollywood’s most talented and dynamic actresses.

There is no limit for her, the actress can play an elegant diva or a real drummer. Now she is one of the most feminine and attractive actresses. Yes, in her 70s, the actress is gorgeous. She didn’t do the plastic surgery or the beauty injections, but Weaver didn’t lose her charm.

And it’s hard to believe he’s ever been called an “ugly duckling”. Sigourney, or rather Susan, grew up in a family of actors. And his uncle was an actor. And she fully understood that she would continue her parents’ work.

However, since adolescence, she began to change. Her height was 180 centimeters at school. She called herself the school clown. With the help of telling jokes no one would laugh at his waist. However, even internal difficulties did not affect her decision to become an actress. She entered university, then acted in theatrical productions. Sigourney played the lead role in Annie Hall. And after that she played a role in the movie “Alien” and became a real Hollywood celebrity. The actress has become the model of a powerful and independent woman.

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