What does Cher look like today after almost fifty transformations?

Cher is now 75 and she has changed beyond recognition. It should be noted that she had her first plastic surgery in the 70s, she was not even 30 years old. At that time, the services of such surgeons were not sought out of whim, but only out of necessity – for example, due to serious injuries that change their appearance. But the stars calmly went under the knife just to become more attractive.

Oddly enough, Cher decided on the first operation for the reason that she saw herself on the screen. She was extremely unhappy with the appearance of her nose. So the artist immediately signed up for rhinoplasty. This is where the big changes started. Cher corrected the shape of her nose at least once more.

Over time, plastic surgery has become very popular. There were many other techniques that the stars began to happily use. According to Cher, cosmetic surgery has become a real addiction for her. She doesn’t want to get rid of her. And the artist does not regret the changes in appearance. She admits that if she had the opportunity to start all over again, she would follow the same path.

Cher changed the shape of her cheekbones with special silicone implants, corrected her lips, and she also constantly injects Botox and often undergoes facelifts to look perfect.

In addition, the singer underwent surgery to increase her breasts and buttocks, changed the shape of her chin and also removed her lower ribs, which allowed her to slim down her waistline. By the way, this procedure was very difficult and, of course, painful. But Cher was fearless and had surgery at a fairly mature age.

Some say the artist so often went under the knife of plastic surgeons just because she was afraid of becoming uncompetitive. But everyone knows that Cher has such an amazing voice that no one can simply compete with her.

It is also necessary to say a few words about the personal life of the singer. The older it got, the younger its elected officials became. For example, at the age of 40 she began an affair with Tom Cruise, who was then only 23 years old. A few years later, the woman had a relationship with a cake delivery man for 22 years. At 62, she stood out with a 37-year-old presenter. Apparently, Cher likes younger guys.

The love for changes in appearance was also passed on to the artist’s daughter. At the age of 13, she realized that she didn’t want men. At the age of 19, she comes out in front of the public. And at the age of 40, she decided to undergo a sex change operation. Now he’s a man.

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