Fans admired how cute Tom Cruise’s 14-year-old daughter was

Society’s attention is still riveted to celebrity offspring.

It’s always interesting to know if they inherited their parents‘ talents and looks. And surely Tom Cruise’s daughter is no exception. Even regardless of whether the father does not see or communicate with the daughter, he remains a person to whom the actor’s followers are not indifferent.

Suri is 14 years old and has grown into an attractive young woman. The girl has become a real fashionista and knows a lot about modern trends. By the way, the girl’s mother, actress Katie Holmes, was promoted to this. The girl is always ready to meet the paparazzi.

Each shot of the girl causes a lot of compliments as well as public awareness. She was photographed on a walk not so long ago. New photos of the actor’s daughter are discussed on the Internet, and many agree that over the years Suri is becoming more and more like her mother, and yet she inherited her father’s appearance.

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