A Labrador dog befriends an orphan elephant and teaches him to play ball.

Thanks to an African elephant called Bubbles and a black Labrador called Bella, we witnessed some of the most beautiful animal-friendly behavior we’ve seen in a long time. Their bond is unparalleled.

The two (Bella and Bubbles) have become best friends and can often be seen playing ball in the water.

Bubbles is one of the few elephants saved from slaughter in Africa. Bubbles lost his parents to ivory poachers in a 20-year genocide. The other foster elephants were either killed or released for lack of facilities.

When he arrived, Bubbles weighed 340 kg and was about 42 cm tall. However, over time it got bigger and heavier.

Today, it weighs a total of four tons and is two meters long. Isn’t it amazing?

Bella was an abandoned pup left in the park in 2007 by contractors hired to build the Bubbles Pool.

He loves to tease her and throws tennis balls in the water for Bella to jump in and catch.

In 1981, ivory poachers killed Bubbles‘ family to make jewelry. Today, thousands of elephants are still brutally killed for the same reason.

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