A dog that was sheltered for 2,555 days has finally found a home

Adoption is every shelter dog’s dream, but unfortunately it takes longer to finally find a home. Some dogs wait months or even years to be adopted.

But, thankfully, the long wait is over for a dog. Flip, who was at the shelter for 2,555 days, finally went to his forever home.

On September 8, the Lake Humane Society in Ohio published an article about a special dog in their care: Flip, a 7-year-old black and white dog who was almost waiting for a home. life.

The shelter said that while Flip was „generally loved,“ he struggled to find the right home.

“He has spent most of his life in the shelter through no fault of his own,” the shelter wrote. “Although he should be the only pet in the house, outside the house he is a social butterfly with other dogs. She’s great at bonding, loves cuddles, and will be your weekend couch when you need to get away from the world.

Things were never easy for poor Flip. he first came to the shelter after a humanitarian inquiry and was likely abused early in his life. After that, he spent the next seven years in a shelter waiting for a home.

Flip’s caretakers at the animal shelter gave her lots of love and never gave up on their mission to find her the perfect home. They were looking for a special owner who would be patient and let Flip „chill out“ because he „has been through a lot in his life.“

“Staff and volunteers are so in love with her and want her to live with the kindness, trust and love she deserves.”

Finally, after seven years of waiting, Flip finally found a home this month.

According to People, Jennifer Shore heard about Flip’s story online shortly after she lost her own German Shepherd. Although she wasn’t originally planning on getting a new dog, she changed her mind after hearing about Flip.

„When I saw Flip, he melted my heart, and his story melted it even more,“ Jennifer told People.

She went to the Lake Humane Society and adopted Flip forever. Although the shelter warned that Flip would take some time to adjust, he has already settled into his new home.

„Flip just walked in and became a home.“ Jenifer said: „Flip is a very affectionate dog and loves snuggling up to you on the couch.“

She called Flip the „perfect dog“ and said he loved going for walks and sleeping in her bed.

“I’m sure Flip will be fine living with me in his house forever. I love him so much already,” Jennifer told People.

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