Woman taking out trash finds puppy waiting for someone to notice

Recently, Stray Dog Rescue in St. Louis, Missouri received a call about an abandoned puppy near a public restroom. The frightened pup was shaking in grief – until a Good Samaritan appeared and called the rescue team. Fortunately, they came to the rescue immediately.

Natalie Thompson, an employee of St. Louis Stray Dog Rescue, said: shoelaces, that’s how he got his name. It has become. He was nervous and shaking, so she called us and sat with him until our team arrived.” This sweet dog needed to get out of this situation and into a good home. Thompson and his team checked his shoebox at the vet, fed him a good meal and gave him a loving bath.

“He’s a sweet, healthy old dog,” says Thompson. We don’t know why he was tied up and abandoned.” The pup quickly forgot the unpleasantness of the day as soon as he entered the arms of his rescuer. “It was a great joy to know he was safe.” Mr. Thompson said. He loves other dogs and all people. He is affectionate and friendly and loves to play and fight.

Shoemaker is currently in foster care and will be available for adoption once he is neutered. However, the adopter must already have an active and playful dog. He is doing very well, said Mr. Thompson. He was taken in by a loving foster family to avoid a stay in a shelter that was full. There was no room for him here, so I’m glad he enjoyed his time with his host family and is grateful to them.” When Shoemaker meets his forever family, he will definitely be treated like a pet.

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