Woman finds elderly Lab sleeping outside with a sweet note taped above her bed

There’s nothing quite like making a stranger smile. That’s why Connie, a Lab veteran from Brighton, UK, likes to sit outside his house every day and wait for the neighbors to come by. They all smile when they see Connie wagging her tail, but they get even more excited when they read the sign above her head.

Connie’s neighbor Becky Albon was driving home one day with her husband when she first saw the adorable dog lying on the bed outside. Connie immediately woke up when she saw the couple. When Albon walked over and read the poster, she understood why. Above Connie’s bed, a sign read: „Free Hugs: I’m old and arthritic but still share lots of love.“ Another sign said the same thing. I am old and shabby, but I love love.” Both panels end with the sweet caption „Love, Connie.“

After a bit of persuasion, Mr. and Mrs. Arben sat down with Connie for about five minutes before deciding to continue their walk. “She was very friendly and happy to see us.” Alben told The Dodo. She even let us stroke her belly. When Alben stops to stroke her, Connie’s cock bounces and she is truly happy. She is even more excited when she sees many neighbors passing by.

She was wagging her tail at anyone passing by, Alben said. And he was very sweet.” The Albens found that Connie enjoyed their time together very much. Many other neighbors would agree, but Alben says he was happy to see Connie. When Connie isn’t sitting on the porch cuddling with neighbors, she can be found around the house with her old dog enjoying the love of those who know her best. And his neighbors, who love him more and more every day, can rejoice in the arrival of sunny days and have a new cuddly moment with the neighbor’s favorite dog.

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