Woman Uses Plastic Container To Save Best Friend From Devastating Flood

“I was more worried about losing her in the water than myself.”
Chloe Adams had just minutes to find a way to save her baby dog ​​Sandy and herself from rising floodwaters. To get to a safe place, they would have had to navigate from their house to a neighbour’s roof.

But the water was cold, with a gentle current, and her now elderly dog ​​couldn’t swim.

“I was more worried about losing her in the water than myself,” Adams told The Dodo. “I had to find something that could get her through the waters safely.”

As the floodwaters rose rapidly, Adams tried to use Sandy’s bottom as a buoyant medium, but he sank. Then she grabbed a plastic container big enough to hold Sandy, but it also started to leak.

When the time ran out, she found a sofa cushion and tucked it under the container to keep Sandy afloat as she navigated through the flood to the nearest rooftop, where she could hang out. get out and Sandy out of the water.

You can see his dad’s message about his rescue here:

Adams and Sandy spent the next five hours stuck on the roof — in cold rain and ever-increasing flooding — waiting to be rescued.

“I kept Sandy on my lap the whole time and covered her with a plastic container to keep her from falling in the rain,” Adams said.

Eventually, Adams’ uncle rescued two survivors on his kayak. Now they are safe in Grandma Adams’ home while recovering from a traumatic experience. But they are so happy to be together.

“We comfort each other when we’re going through something difficult,” Adams said. “I [suis] there to hug her and tell her it’s okay, and she puts her head in my lap, knowing I’m in pain.”

You can donate to gofundme Adams and Sandy here.

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