Woman Outwits Dog Who Constantly Tries To Sneak Through Fence

Little Chihuahua Lu-Seal could barely walk when Julia Morley first spotted him during a rescue in Pittsburgh. Lu-Seal weighed 16 pounds, double the recommended weight for a dog his size.

However, as soon as Morley arrived at her new home, the 9-year-old dog began to shrink. Morley told The Dodo: “I put her on a nutritious diet and walked her around as much as she could take, and the pounds dropped off.” “She is now at a healthy weight and doing great.”

Lu-Seal has maintained a healthy weight for the past three years and is more active than he has ever been.

Her weight loss was most noticeable when her mother had a new fence installed around her yard.

“It never occurred to me when choosing the fence that it would fit through the bars, but it became apparent as soon as it was built that that would be a problem,” Morley said.

Lu-Seal is always on the lookout for her neighbor, Eddie, who is known for handing out the greatest delicacies. When it came to Lu-Seal walking out of her yard to find him, the new fence presented a small obstacle.

Morley had to move quickly as Lu-Seal was determined to squeeze under the barrier every time she came out. Morley shared his dilemma on Lu-Instagram, Seal and one of the dog’s fans offered a humorous solution. put a “safety spoon” on the dog’s back.

The spoon concept seemed just crazy enough to work, and the consequences were fun.

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