Woman finds a box on her doorstep with a feral baby

Dora Wei, who lives in Sri Lanka, often sees unusual animals. But in September, she was surprised when a small boar appeared on her doorstep. A gardener found it early in the morning near my house, she said. He had only been alive for a few hours. The cub was separated from its mother and appeared very emaciated.

Veja and her friend realized that the little creature couldn’t survive without its mother. So they set up a small sleeping area in the living room and used a hot water bottle to keep him warm.

I asked my neighbors how I should take care of the wild boar and they all told me it was difficult when the pigs were small and they always died without their mothers, says Veja.

I read on the internet that they had to be fed every hour, so my friend and I took turns letting them sleep in the living room for almost four weeks, getting up every hour to feed them when they started to cry.

Ms. Wei named wanderer Ye Zhou and adopted him and her four dogs. She was worried that the pigs wouldn’t join the herd, but Ye Zhou didn’t want to be ignored by her furry brothers.

The Labrador, in particular, always wanted to be with her, Wei said. He always wants to sit or sleep next to you. He was polite to all the dogs and some of them barked at him when he tried to get food. We are sure he is one of them.

The boar’s eyesight was not very good, but when Ye Zhou grew up, he was found blind in one eye. Wei and his partner knew they couldn’t release the pig into the wild. So they built a special house for the pig in their garden and installed a swimming pool to keep it cool on hot days.

At night, Yezoo comes home and sleeps with his human and canine family. I like swimming in the garden and in the small pond, Wei said. She also likes having her belly rubbed at bedtime.

Ye Zhou brought great joy to the family by coming to her mother’s side at the right time. And it’s rare to see a puppy without a smile on his face.

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