Woman Adopted Two Extraordinary Girls: Girls Today.

The teacher of one of the American schools, Kristen Williams, in her years was not yet married and had no children. But once in India she met a girl named Mooney, she had a huge scar on her forehead and because of him no one wanted to adopt her. Kristen realized she wouldn’t go home without the baby and after a while she adopted her. At first, Mooney was very closed and shy, but the woman still found an approach for her and was able to melt her heart.

A few years later, Kristen adopted another baby girl named Durga. The baby was found in a dump and in her short life she suffered a lot. Her face was disfigured, she barely had a nose, probably from the bugs and stray animals the baby encountered while living on the streets.

One day, someone posted this family’s story on social media, and then it was all covered on TV. So about Kristen and her daughters, a lot of people learned and wanted to help them.

Cosmetic surgeons at the local hospital offered a completely free operation for Minnie. Now there is no large and terrible scar on the girl’s forehead, but a barely noticeable strip remains.

And Durga decided to carry out the operation at a later age, and so far she has installed a cosmetic prosthesis, with which she is absolutely no different from other children.

But most likely for girls, appearance remained in the background in relation to the changes in their lives. It is thanks to Christy that the girls became happy and now live the carefree life of an ordinary child.

This woman gave them warmth, affection, care and love and I hope she will inspire many people for good deeds.

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