What is the interior aspect of the most luxurious cave in the world? Impressive pictures

The interior is also impressive. Tired of boring spaces with four walls and a ceiling? Are you looking for a new home?

The cave had been studied by experts since the 1980s, converted into a bomb shelter during the Cold War in the 20th century, and decades later transformed into a luxury hotel from USD 1,200 per night.

Manager Lane Davidson says he loves the jubilant reactions from visitors who come for the first time to see all the features of this wonderful mansion. The problem, however, is that the Luxury Cave is a loss-making hotel. What if someone wanted to own such an elegant and glamorous home?

On the ground floor of the cave house, which has a total area of ​​more than 500 m2, a living room with a large TV and a kitchen with all the necessary appliances.

There is a natural waterfall, geothermal heating, stables and pasture for horses, a blue water and fish pond, and a helipad. Everything to enjoy life.

The natural area that was largely untouched when the caves were created. It must therefore be pleasant to walk through the underground labyrinth of stalactites and limestone caves.

According to Mr. Davidson, the caves are very attractive and everyone loves the structure. However, the buyer takes the point of view of an investor and the profitability does not come into play. There are 100 hectares of unprofitable land. They buy cabbages that are difficult to exploit. In 2019, the value of this unusual house was $2.75 million.

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