What an incredible change! The girl lost 80 kg to look like her idol.

A girl named Kayla Lavende has been struggling with excess weight for 7 years. And whenever the scale showed undesirable results, her parents would buy her a Barbie doll to motivate her.

Kayla was very fond of these beautiful, slender dolls, but her name was “Barbie XXL”.

However, the girl is faced with a serious problem. After all, 154 kilograms began to affect not only the appearance, health, but also the mobility of the girl.

Then Kayla took decisive action. He first underwent an operation to reduce the size of his stomach, began to control his diet and gradually included sports in his life.

And now the changes are definitely visible. Kayla has adjusted her diet and looks amazing. He got rid of 80 kg. Now finally a girl can afford to show off bright barbie outfits instead of looking ridiculous.

Now her life is based on healthy eating and sports, which help her achieve her dream.

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