Two rescued bears met at a shelter and fell in love

In 2016, Tomi, a bear who had spent his entire life entertaining restaurant customers in Albania, was rescued from a small cage on a concrete floor. There, Tomi was fed mainly bread and beer, but this diet and poor care made Tomi very ill.

He spent at least two years in the cage, and even after his rescue, no one thought the bear would recover from that stress. But when Tomi was brought to the bear sanctuary in Kosovo and walked on real grass for the first time, his demeanor began to change.

Tomi started learning to relax and enjoy life. It’s a miracle that he grew from a small cage to a large aviary where the grass grows and it snows in the winter.

Tomi was rescued by volunteers. Their mission was to rescue trapped Eastern European bears and transport them to a bear sanctuary. Bears are mostly kept in cages in front of restaurants and gas stations for public entertainment, and Hope is one of them.

Hope, like Tomi, was kept in a cage in front of a restaurant. She was rescued and taken to a bear sanctuary in Kosovo, where she was immediately reunited with Tomi. Tomi and Hope were apparently the same age and height.

The bears loved it at first sight, under the watchful eye of the volunteers. Hope was a bit more shy than Tomi, so the male took the initiative first.

He cautiously approached Hope and began to sniff her fur. Hope thought for a moment then started sniffing Tomi’s fur.

“They sniffed each other and then what I would call a kiss happened. They started rubbing their cheeks together. Since then, Tomi and Hope have been inseparable.”

They now swim together in a small pool.

“Tomi and Hope don’t feel alone anymore, they are now real friends and maybe even more. We hope they are doing well”.

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