Two Hedgehogs Met The Cat And Are Completely Bald From Fright

On the street in the town of Bridlington, East Yorkshire, a passerby discovered two strange creatures.

After taking a closer look, he realized that they were actually hedgehogs, but completely bald, without spines. And in this state, they are easy prey for any predator, from owls to foxes.

The hedgehogs, who were probably brothers, were given the names Charlie and Snoopy. A passerby took them to the Wildlife Rescue Society’s Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary.

Initially, the shelter believed that the hedgehogs were born bald. Very rarely, but it happens because of a Genetic mutation. But then they assumed it was all about the severe shock suffered in early childhood. It is possible that the hedgehogs encountered a cat or a fox and threw away all their needles in fear. It happens too.

“They are still very young and have probably recently left their nest. We don’t know if there are maybe bald hedgehogs wandering around elsewhere, or maybe only these two managed to survive,” says volunteer Alexander.

To help hedgehogs regrow thorns again, they began to feed food with the addition of vitamins with iron. But we don’t know yet if it will help. If hedgehog spines don’t grow, they’ll probably spend their entire lives in a shelter. At will without thorns, they are completely defenseless in the face of any danger.

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