Three years after the dog disappeared, a woman saw him on a TV screen

Lucy Fraustro had a Pitbull Dodger. Since he was a puppy, the woman understood that her puppy is special; it is true that the pit bull’s head did not correspond to his body but was the charm of the dog.

Unfortunately in October 2015 the dog disappeared: The owner started the search and even visited many shelters.

But the searches yielded no results.

One day suddenly while watching a morning show Lucy saw her dog on the television

One of the dogs on the show was a pit bull named Butler. Seeing him onscreen, she cried out “Oh my God!” It’s my Dodger!

After comparing the photo of the dog seen on television and missing, the woman realized that she had to go to the shelter. And ain’t wrong

Everyone in the shelter loved the dog. Moreover, he even found a host a month before these events. But he could not negotiate with the owner and returned the dog.

Lucy admits to crying when she saw her dog

The Dodger shelter was leaving happily, “without even looking back”, according to a shelter employee. best friend.

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