This woman showed how her body has been changed by three pregnancies.

Some mothers are perfect after birth, while others have weight issues.

Depending on the elasticity of the skin, stretch marks and loose skin may appear after birth, but it is also possible to develop perfect abdominal muscles.

It depends on genetics, metabolism and hormone levels. Creams and lotions are ineffective. Pregnancy can cause hormonal imbalances, affecting weight and skin.

Sarah Nicol, from London, decided to help mothers whose situation is not ideal.

She bragged about her curves online and admitted to having a complex for a long time after giving birth. It was only with her husband’s love and support that she was able to accept herself, deal with postpartum issues, and endure the embarrassed stares.

Many mothers with children have been blamed and humiliated by other women It is disrespectful to put women down because of abdominal defects or postpartum weight gain His honesty and photos have caused many women to “stop shame”.

Mothers, you are beautiful. You gave life!

Stretch marks, cellulite and sagging skin are common problems for women after childbirth.

She has three wonderful children and a loving husband.

With his help and support, Sara had the strength and the will to work on her own.

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