This woman has been living in a glass cage for 13 years and cannot touch her loved ones.

Everything was going well in the life of this Spaniard, but 30 years ago, when she had just had a baby, everything changed. One day her husband planted potatoes in their garden, and when Juana started weeding something tragic happened, she had a severe allergy attack. She was rushed to the hospital because her whole body was very swollen and she was in a lot of pain.

It was from this moment that this woman’s body became very vulnerable to chemicals and a terrible allergy has always haunted her.

It would seem, what could be the reason for such a reaction? Well, potatoes and potatoes, what’s the deal with that? But the thing is, those potatoes were treated with some kind of pesticide. It was of course banned a few years later. About the number of people who suffered from it, it is not even known who produced this toxic chemical. But the fact that our heroine suffered is a fact. The woman was told to take legal action, but she refused.

Soon she started to weaken and it got to the point that she couldn’t touch anything anymore, because it caused her injuries. Doctors were unable to give him an accurate diagnosis for several years. And then it turned out she had multiple chemical sensitivities.

It turned out that if a woman does not live in a sterile environment, isolated in a special shelter, she will constantly feel pain. Upon learning of this, her family built this isolated shelter for her. She has spent all her time there for 13 years.

Anything related to chemistry, any pungent smell can choke it. Even natural phenomena, such as the sun, wind, rain – everything in this case is associated with pain. Her husband now only grows organic vegetables for Juana, they have even found a healthy meat producer and buy them twice a month for Juana.

In this retreat, the walls are made of glass and it overlooks its garden. But it is absolutely impossible to go out and touch something. All his clothes should be strictly cotton and ceramic household items.

Juana can only come out once for a routine checkup, not every year. After all, every outing for her is torture. In order not to harm the woman in any way, and to be able to hug her at least sometimes, the family follows a strict diet for several days, cleans themselves thoroughly and cleans their clothes.

Juana’s daughter will soon give birth to a child, but, unfortunately, the grandmother will not be able to hold the baby in her arms. But she does not give up and continues to fight against this disease. She agreed to test a special breathing mask on herself and it was very touching, she was able to walk in the garden for the first time in a long time and finally hug her already elderly mother…

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