This rescued owl needed a bath, and the photos are weirdly adorable.

Massey Wildbase vet recently welcomed a new furry patient, an owl named Moorpoke. He had mild dermatitis and was inflamed.

However, there was a difficulty.

It had to be washed.

According to Pauline Nyman, owls don’t like to get wet in the rain. When she gave the owl a medicated bubble bath.

“It’s a great event”!

Photos taken during the operation show an owl who is far from happy.

The results showed that the owl’s regal appearance was largely due to the puffiness of its feathers. Immersion had transformed his appearance.

He was a small one, but he was healthy, Nymans said.

And Nymans wrote. He was not happy.

Nymans then wiped it off.

He has recovered well from his “ordeal”, says Nymans.

Hopefully, the hot tub might cure the owl’s skin condition. If successful, the owl will be released back into the wild.

Massey Wildbase treats hundreds of animals each year. But life-saving treatments, like bathing baby owls, aren’t always a pleasant experience. But Nymans knows it’s important to help them recover. And that’s the most important thing.

It is an honor to look after these wonderful birds and reptiles,” says Mr. Nymans.

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