This Newborn Squirrel Was Found In A New York Apartment, And Caring People Raised Her

Christine found a newborn squirrel in a pile of branches on her bed. She didn’t panic and went straight to the girl who was taking care of the orphaned squirrel. Her rescuer is Christine Reayes and she has been helping these animals since 2008. Christine and her husband Michael rescued the baby, but sadly only one survived.

She was a girl and the couple called her Thumbelina. We called her Tom Thumb because she was small. Michael and Christina raised the little girl and got so used to her that they couldn’t release her into the wild. Tammerina is such a part of the family that the couple even named the baby girl after their daughter.

So they enlisted the help of Christina Reyes, who has cared for orphaned squirrels since 2008.

Christina and her husband, Michael, took care of the baby squirrels, but unfortunately only one could be saved. The surviving squirrel was small enough to fit inside a fruit shell. So they decided to call her Tummelina.

Tammerina was now old enough to be released into the wild, but the couple couldn’t separate her from her cubs. They tried to take Tammerina to the park, but she didn’t calm down at all. When she sees other squirrels, Tammerisa hides and doesn’t want to be with them.

They love squirrels so much that they call them their babies. Tammerisa likes to sleep with her owner. And she wears a nice hat.

She is very naughty, sometimes chews on electrical wires and tries to get into the fridge.

Besides, Tamerisa is no longer her name because she lost weight. She seems to have gone into the refrigerator. His owner put him on a strict diet of cabbage and greens.

Christina believes that squirrels, like all pets, should be cared for with love.

Tummelina is very happy to be in the hands of this loving couple. And she thanks them with love. Kristina and Mike are proof that it’s not just dogs and cats that make great pets.

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