This man saved these foxes and now they don’t want to leave him

The character in Fantastic Mr. Fox may be imaginary, but as these photographs prove, the character in Kilkenny, Ireland is very realistic. Her name is Patsy Gibbons and her cute little friends are Grainne and Minnie. Gibbons rescued the cubs after they were left behind as little puppies.

Both animals made a full recovery and could have been released into the wild, but decided to adopt their rescuer. Naturally, the neighborhood children took a keen interest in them and invited Grainne and Minnie from school to see them up close.

He told us: I am now being asked for advice on how to care for foxes all over the country and even in the UK.

I am not a specialist and I continue to learn every day, (but) I advise as a non-professional.

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