This little dog with long eyelashes has seduced everyone on the web.

Passers-by who see Chloe walking her dog Walt wonder why she makes fun of the animal and smacks her eyelashes. But in fact, no one is laughing at anyone, the dog has had these traits since birth and she assures them that they are real!

Of course, Walt is lucky because his owner is a groomer and bathes him daily, brushes him, and cuts and buffs his nails once a week. He loves being admired and praised for his fabulous eyelashes.

Chloe said she chose Walt because he’s cute. He is now 10 months old.

“Walt’s lashes are amazing. They are long and curly and I love them. Some people think they’re fake because they look like extensions,” says Shaw.

However, veterinarians are not happy with this anomaly. They recommend clipping the eyelashes as they affect the animal’s vision. Chloe thinks that if she takes care of her animals herself, they will be fine.

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