This dog was hard to watch without tears. But love and care turned her into a real cutie

Sometimes it is not necessary to judge someone “by the cover”, be it at least a person, at least a dog.

The heroine of this story is called Pippa, she is a Chihuahua who was only 7 weeks old. It was difficult to look at the crumb without tears: it looked so fragile and painful, there was no wool, and the skin was covered with wounds. After seeing her photo, a girl named Amanda Harris went to a shelter in Atlanta to take the overexposed dog and take care of her.

After seeing a photo of this dog, the girl took it for overexposure

Pippa did not come to a new place alone, with her the whole canine family: her mother, father and brother. They all had scabies, but Pippa was the weakest.

Amanda began to take care of the dog, gradually revealing her character and good heart

Amanda revealed that Pippa is very fond of cuddling and burying herself in a blanket. The girl herself was near her almost around the clock.

Even though Pippa’s skin was sore, it didn’t stop her from constantly snuggling up to Amanda.

Pippa’s treatment consisted of taking special baths, medicines to treat the skin, and proper Nutrition. After some time, the scabs began to heal, and instead of them the wool broke through.

Pippa turned out to be a brave girl and got along with bigger parents

Amanda once lived with 2 big dogs, one of which was a huge pit bull weighing about 36 kg. But the difference in size did not bother Pippa. She chased the tails of her big brothers and swallowed them. And Amanda took him to work every day.

Amanda showed Pippa’s life on social media and the dog became popular

This is how Pippa found her true home. Terry Dickenson and his family saw the dog and were so taken with her that they decided to “adopt” her.

Pippa, meanwhile, has fur

In the new house, Pippa feels good

She once befriended a dog who also lives with the Dickens.

The decision to host Pippa its new guests is seen as the best solution

“We love her and she loves us,” they say. And what else do you need for happiness?

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