This dog was born with a white and pink coat and it was this characteristic that made him famous.

Many dog ​​lovers are always searching the internet for pictures of this cute pup named Milkshake who is known for his unusual coloring. This 17 month old baby stole hundreds of hearts.

The thing is that he was born with white and pink fur, a pink nose and pink paws, besides, his eyes are blue, and all this “kit” distinguishes him from his beloved relatives.

Discover Milkshake.

The owner of the dog shares his photos and videos on the network every day. He truly has a royal lifestyle.

It should be noted that this coloration in dogs is not a mutation, but an innate trait inherited from the albino mox.

This feature did not affect Milkshake’s health in any way.

Milkshake is a special dog, he brings great joy to those around him, so Maria tries to take care of him no less than he deserves, although there are people who think the girl spoils him too.

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