This Cat Looked Perfectly Normal When He Was Little, But Later He Suddenly Changed To A Human Face

Pets resemble their master, but only in temperament and habits. But in the case of a little kitten named Valkyrie, that was far from the case. At two months, the cat looked like it had a human face glued to its body and fur. This was not visible at birth, but over time Valkyrie developed a non-cat face and emotions of human type. See for yourself.

Valkyrie looked like a normal kitten when she was born.

However, as the cat got older, we noticed that he was starting to look a bit strange.

Many users think that Valkyrie looks like a human.

The internet noticed not only the cuteness of the kittens, but also their resemblance to actor Ron Perlman. They thought of Laika, who was giving the dog her full attention.

And some have also associated Valkyrie with Hermione Granger, who is under the influence of a reverse drug.

Of course, there was no shortage of potential masters for such an unforgettable-looking cat, and Valkyrie delighted her new owner and mistress when she turned four months old.

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