They used to make fun of him at school because of his short stature and now he is the most famous actor. Peter Dinklage’s success story

Peter Dinklage has suffered from bullying since high school. Peter was diagnosed with dwarfism and faced bullying and harassment due to his short stature.

Peter was born into an ordinary family – a schoolteacher and an insurance salesman. Despite his many problems, today Peter is a very popular and successful actor.

Dinklage was diagnosed with chondrodysplasia, meaning his head and body continued to grow, but his limbs stagnated. The actor is 135cm tall, while his parents and younger brother are normal height.

At school, the boy was bullied, humiliated and severely abused. Peter was very withdrawn, confused and worried. And… He accepted himself as he was and thought that his physical size was not his problem, but that of those around him.

Peter was fascinated by the stage from an early age. The boy was gifted and when he appeared in a play in fifth grade, he quickly became a popular figure in the school and was loved by everyone. He then went to Bennington College of Arts, where he also played in a band!

In 1995, she made her film debut in Life in Oblivion with Steve Buscemi. The audience was enchanted by Dinklage’s talent.

Peter often played small roles, but delighted viewers with his charisma and charm. His characters were often more memorable than the main characters.

In 2003, he starred in the movie Station Ranger. The film was very well received, won dozens of awards and won international recognition.

Peter always wanted to be in serious and deep films, only once he played a dwarf.

Today, no one is more famous and popular than the dwarf Peter Dinklage. Peter’s popularity has been huge since the launch of HBO’s Game of Thrones series in the UK: he receives a hefty royalty for each episode, and in Season 8 he receives $500,000 per episode.

Peter won two Emmys and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2011 and 2015.

He is also happy in his private life. He has been happily married to Erica Schmidt for 20 years; they met by chance in 1995. The actor is now 49 and his wife is 43. The couple have a daughter, Zelig, and had their second child in 2017, whose gender and name have not been revealed .

Peter is a shining example of how willpower and perseverance can lead to success. He accepted and loved himself as he was and was loved by the whole world. An intelligent, funny, charming, open-minded man who achieved his goals.

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