They bought an abandoned house and turned it into a comfortable home.

A Hungarian couple decided to build a farm in a burnt building. The couple bought an abandoned building and kept animals and poultry there. They rebuilt the building themselves and are now generating income and profit from the farm.

Karina Kremer and Norbert Fogarasi decided to move to the countryside and start their own farm. They found a dilapidated house on the outskirts of Siklos town.

Seeing the house, they thought it could be rebuilt. They were delighted by the welcoming character of the village, located 14 km from the old town and the administrative center of Siklós. Only nine people lived there.

Norby has proven to be an excellent gold hand builder. He had repaired wooden houses in the past, which helped him when renovating his house. The lady believes that the farm will soon be able to supply the whole community with 100% organic products.

The two men created the farm not only for themselves, but also because they wanted to help others. They are happy to share their experience and help young farmers.

Apart from the electrical work, Karina and Norby did everything else in the house. The couple also repaired the water pipes.

Since there were no pipes on the land, the owners built their own water supply system. A borehole has been dug and clean groundwater is flowing out, which is used for washing, flushing, cleaning and irrigation. There is a filter for drinking water.

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