Their newborn baby has become their puppy’s best friend

A Two-Year-Old Pit Bull Mix Bruetus’ life in Northern California changed dramatically after the birth of a newborn Kayden. Before the newcomer to the family, Brutus did everything any other dog would. He ate his favorite dog food, ran and played, and recently had to give away his favorite toy – a fluffy yellow sphere. He’s not ready to stop chewing. Here is what the mother of the family, Bonie Micalk, says: “Obviously, he realized what was happening to me before my belly even swelled up a lot. . He came every night and tried to sneak into my room.

It turns out the pup figured out that Bonie was pregnant before she did.

She adds, “Then I got mad at him after his actions. But now I see, he became the main guardian of the building and protected me.

As soon as the child was born, the family easily introduced the baby to Brutus. The doggie was happy to see the mother and the little one arrive from the clinic.

Brutus was not afraid to take on the responsibility entrusted to him from the start. He made sure to constantly keep an eye on Kayden. The puppy quickly figured out how to calm the baby down whenever he started crying. The parents were just surprised.

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