The young girl came to the shelter to look for a kitten, but found an inscription on the tag that changed her life!

When Jerad Forsyth decided to propose to his girlfriend, Kat Woodley, he wanted to do this important act with the help of a little kitten he had taken from a shelter.

The couple, who met on a blind date two years ago, recently decided to adopt a cat. It was Kat who had to go to the Erie County SPCA shelter to pick up the animal.

“I thought Jerad was at work,” Kat said. – I was very surprised… They handed me [le chat] and asked me to read the label. “Aunt Gerada works at the SPCA, so I thought she was the one who bought us that badge.”

And then Kat read the tag around the cat’s neck: “Will you marry me?” In the next moment he saw Gerad in front of him, who was dressed in a suit and knelt down, he was ready to hear the long awaited answer.

The bride answered “Yes” to the man and the kitten. The whole cute event was filmed, after which the video uploaded to the Internet immediately went viral.

The rescued kitten named Gandalf has already befriended his new owners, a dog named Shamus.

And now, after such a proposal, we won’t be at all surprised how animal lovers Kat and Jerad will plan their future wedding, some animals will definitely be involved… And that’s really cool.

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