The world’s smallest opossum, once thought to be extinct, has been discovered on an Australian island.

A tiny opossum, commonly referred to as “the world’s smallest opossum” and thought to be extinct, has been discovered in Australia.

The little animal was first discovered on Kangaroo Island in Australia, after it was devastated by a massive fire a year ago.

The fire destroyed 90% of the island and many species were thought to have disappeared forever. The discovery of more than 20 species, including dwarf animals, suggests conditions are better than previously thought.

The discovery was made by the charity.

It was feared that habitat destruction had caused an endangered species to become extinct. The observations made by the mobile cameras are therefore encouraging for the island.”

“Obviously it’s not very common, so we definitely wanted to find it.” Last year, Australia’s biodiversity was hit by an incredibly destructive bushfire season that claimed the lives of an estimated three billion animals!

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