The woman was nine months pregnant when she suddenly received a large dog

“What am I going to do with this dog, why do I need him if the baby is about to appear?!” she thought. And here’s what happened next

Sometimes we may not appreciate something, but time passes and we realize we were wrong. This is exactly what happened to a pregnant woman, whose sister gave a black Labrador for her birthday.

The woman, of course, thanked a relative, but the gift did not penetrate. “What am I going to do with this dog, why do I need him if the baby is about to appear?!” I thought inside a woman, but I left the dog anyway .

Time passed, and a little girl appeared, who began to take a lot of her mother’s energy and time. But what the woman was very afraid of did not happen.

The dog did not interfere under her feet and did not need much attention, and even, on the contrary, helped the young mother to watch the baby and became a real friend for the girl.

2007. Inseparable Friends

2008. And in fire and water together!

2009. See Cartoons

2010. Long Road

2011. The girl simply does not represent her life without a beloved dog

2012. Every day their friendship only grew stronger

2013. First day of school with the support of the most devoted friend

2014. The dog slowly began to pass, time took its

2015. Now the Labrador has become the nanny of two whole girls

2016. Princess at the children’s party

2017. The dog had the first operation to remove the tumor, worried and cried everyone.

Today, girls do not stray from the dog, which has long been an integral part of their family and hope that it will be with them as long as possible!

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