The stylist gave her a creative haircut. The result surprised everyone!

Cary Grundhofer never got his hair back. She always wrapped her hair in a rag. The constant dyeing of the roots exhausted the woman. He then decided to radically change his style.

The stylist helped the woman understand that gray hair is stylish! New trends in the world dictate a new style. Gray hair is now in fashion, many specifically dye their hair ash blonde.

The stylist suggested an eye-catching haircut. Kerry has beautiful facial features, such a haircut emphasized the oval of the face and cheekbones, showed a long neck.

Those close to Kerry were thrilled with the change in her image.

The woman took a chance and changed her style. She feels younger and more attractive. All her life she has been hostage to one image – only long hair. She worried about what others would say, as hair is considered a woman’s adornment. But a bright style means new sensations, opportunities.

They say that if a woman changes her hairstyle, she changes her life.

She is happy with this change!

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