The squirrel himself came to the woman’s house and saved her from anguish

Those who have pets know that they literally immediately become part of the family. And when they leave us, it’s a real tragedy.

So, a girl named Michelle Burleson also suffered a loss recently. His favorite dog was very sick, the dog was already old, and it was simply not possible to cure him.

One day, coming home, she heard a light knock at the window, looking around, she saw a small squirrel.

Its appearance was not very good: the animal was very thin, and the wool was peeling. The girl decided to bring him a handful of nuts. The squirrel took them, then came again.

Michelle wanted to pet her, but the fearful animal quickly rebounded. But little by little, the contact was still able to be established. And the animal started coming twice a day.

Michelle gave Belka the name Stymi. And with the advent of a new friend, the sadness and sadness of his beloved dog began to quietly leave. And she herself was already much more fun.

Staymi was no longer afraid of the man and ate nuts straight from the girl’s hands. Later she entered the house, and after a while she completely settled down. She slept on the couch and could sleep with Michelle on her lap. Thus, the little animal helped the girl to survive the pain of loss.

After some time they still had to part ways, Michelle opened her business and to invest in it she sold her house and moved. The squirrel remained to live there with new owners. Who accepted it with pleasure.

And Michelle remembers with great warmth and love her boyfriend, who helped her through those difficult days after her loss.

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