The shelter’s beloved dog is thrilled to walk the red carpet in his new mom’s arms

Not all shelter puppies will receive a crimson rug after being adopted. But for Bowie the shepherd’s combine – who had spent more than a year searching for his family endlessly – it was the most becoming farewell his friends at the Whatcom Humane Society (WHS) could consider.

Bowie was a celebrity among the employees from day one, when he quickly won the hearts of every worker and volunteer who worked on the rescue.

“He was really, really nice,” Whatcom Humane Society Growth Affiliate Andrea Merrill told The Dodo.

For nearly a year and a half, shelter workers cared for Bowie as if he were their own. In addition to having fun with him during the rescue, volunteers took him on hikes to get away from the shelter.

“He’s one of those dogs that just needs an entire village to invest in him,” Merrill said. “That is why [les adoptions] did not work…”

During that time, Bowie had several adoption goals, but none was a perfect fit for him.

“He definitely needed someone who was willing to understand that he’s a fantastic dog who is still learning his ways,” Merrill said.

Each time a new adoption came in, Bowie went straight back to the shelter. And, as confused as they were as to why no one had yet effectively adopted him, his friends in human society welcomed him back with open arms.

A few years after Bowie’s move to WHS, a student at the local school discovered his story on social media and started following him.

“She was completely in love with him, but it just wasn’t the right time,” Merrill said.

Six months later, the lady graduated from college and got her first job. When she returned to WHS and noticed that Bowie was still available, she immediately installed adoption software.

“It’s really a ‘right person found the right dog’ situation,” Merrill said. “And everyone here at Whatcom was so excited for Bowie to start this new chapter.”

Although red carpet send-offs aren’t a typical scene in human society, staff members thought it was only fitting for his own four-legged celebrity. Plus, there were so many pals who had to say goodbye to him one last time.

WHS employees rolled out an extended crimson carpet from the kennels to the gate just for Bowie. They made special signs just for him and lined up on the mat to bid their good friend a final farewell.

“Everyone was in tears, but we were all so excited and so happy for him,” Merrill said. “It was a really sweet way for us to be able to say goodbye to Bowie.”

After walking the Crimson Carpet out of the shelter, Bowie went straight to his permanent residence.

When he’s not hiking or staying attentive in coaching classes, Bowie can be discovered snuggling up to his mother, who loves him more and more every day.

“She absolutely adores it,” Merrill said. “And Bowie is so, so happy.”

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