The scared puppy reached out to a kind woman for help

A kind woman named Jacqueline Collette decided to take a dog into a shelter and didn’t know who to take in among the many animals that really needed a home. But when he entered it, he did not know that the one he was going to take had already chosen him.

One of the little dogs named Donat managed to reach out to the woman and ask for help. It was this very touching moment that bonded them. The volunteers were shocked by the act of the poor dog. They noted that Donat had never shown such a reaction or sign of care to anyone since he appeared there 11 days ago.

Donat had a difficult and unbearable past. He was constantly moved from shelter to shelter, surviving fires and floods in the previous two shelters. And when he arrived at the new center, he was so scared and weak. He had to recover his mental and physical condition. Then the woman was filled with a great desire to help the puppy and took him home.

Their new life was very difficult at first. They have to get used to each other. Jacqueline did everything to make Donat feel comfortable and free. In the first hours, the dog was shaking and did not know how to behave. But then, when he realized he was safe and protected, he changed his attitude and started to feel better. He was happy to run into the yard and sleep there.

Two months later, Donat was finally able to acknowledge all the care and affection his wife showed him and responded with the same love and dedication. They felt wonderful and happy together. The poor dog finally found the warm place and caring family he needed and deserved.

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