The saddest dog named Madame Brow

If you try to imagine an English Bulldog with large, expressive eyebrows, you will get exactly the portrait represented by this dog named Madame Eyebrows (Madame Eyebrows).

Because of these eyebrows, young Madame Eyebrows looks very sad or sad all the time. When netizens recently discovered her Instagram, they called Madame Brow The Saddest Dog Alive.

Madame Sourcils in her childhood

Madame Brow lives in Germany and her owner Yanina says that the dog’s appearance is very deceiving, in fact Madame Brow is a very cheerful and good-natured bulldog, loves to play and run.

“In real life, it will only take you a few minutes to realize that this is actually a very happy dog. We don’t see her sad face, because these are just moments, in fact, she is funny and funny and gives us a lot of her love.

According to Ioannina, Madame Brow loves to wag her tail and kiss people.

The truth about the photos in the Instagram of these moments there is almost no, basically, there are sad expressions of the muzzle of Madame Eyebrows in different poses. What to do, they turn out to be very expressive.

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