The raccoon is completely obsessed with the fawn who lost his mother and hugs her every day

Unlikely friendships are the best. A sailor and a shark. A cat and a herd of baby goats. A mouse and a mini Babybel. An apple and an earthworm. But today we look at a friendship forged between a raccoon and an evil spirit.

Ah, raccoons, wonderfully messy pandas that steal not only your trash, but your heart as well. Their little faces, cute bodies, and eyes as dark as the abyss in which we all float may beckon you, lure you in, or beckon you in, but beware, it’s a trap.

On the other side of the spectrum we have deer, delicate and graceful creatures that should graze in the Garden of Eden. So how did these two find each other and form such a strong bond? Well, it’s all down to the Texas fawn and his friends. Its founder, Carrie Long, was kind enough to share her story with Bored Panda, so let’s get started.

The Jasper/Hope video is meant to bring a smile or a laugh to anyone who watches it. The world is cruel and a little humor never hurt anyone, said Carrie Long, Founder.

The licensed wildlife rehabilitator listened to the caller who found a 2-3 week old raccoon on life support. Abandoned by his mother and trapped in a storm, he had little lifesaving equipment. Carrie couldn’t leave a creature in need, so she decided to take it in.

Although they are not sure that Jasper is recovering well, the raccoon grows up healthy thanks to the young woman’s attentive care. Although she is an adult and free to go where she wants, Jasper has decided to continue making Carrie his non-profit home.

She told Bored Panda that she started this nonprofit a few years ago. It started with two homeless people and quickly grew to 75-80 homeless people per year. She said: I really had no idea I would meet so many homeless people. It’s an incredible amount of work, not to mention the fact that it’s very expensive. But I love it.

The raccoon seemed to like all fawns, but one in particular caught his little black eyes. A young kitten arrived right after Jasper. She had lost her mother when she was very young and needed care. Carrie named her Hope and Jasper took an immediate interest in her.

Shortly after Jasper, a fawn arrived at Texas Fawn and Friends. Carrie called her Hope. She had lost her mother at a very young age and needed care. This young girl will never have to be alone again, because Jasper will soon be by her side.

The two will grow together, although each species grows at a somewhat different rate. It’s hard to tell deer apart without a trained eye, though Carly assures the bored panda that each one is very different. Although the spots look alike, each has its own pattern and color, especially in the fall when they begin to shed their summer coat.

Their personalities are my favorite because each one is completely different, she continues. The people who are hurt are usually the most emotional. It’s almost like they know you’re trying to help them. Maybe Hope feels the same about Jasper.

She explains to Bored Panda that Jasper is like that annoying little brother you have to put up with but don’t really want. She laughs and says that Hope does her best to put up with him, but she doesn’t care about him as much as Jasper cares about her. When he sees her he runs to her and jumps on her and she gets by. He likes to sit in front of her and lick her ears. It’s the funniest thing in the world.

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