The oldest cat in the world, can you try to guess how old this animal is and where it is?

Try to guess the age and whereabouts of the oldest cat in the world.

The oldest cat is called Nutmeg. This cat has a really interesting story. He is now estimated to be 141 years old.

Interestingly, he chose his new family about 26 years ago.

His current family saw him for the first time in their garden. Now he is the head of the house and the “manager” and he is very enthusiastic about it. When they first saw him, they tried to find out his age and discovered that he was only five years old.

The owner needed documents proving that his cat was much older.

Last year the cat had some health problems, but luckily he was able to overcome them. When we think of his life, we try to estimate how long he might have lived.

The owner had to provide information to prove his age and it was recently revealed that the cat was 31 years old. The cat is hopeful that he still has a lot of life in him and his parents will do their best to please the family because they consider themselves very lucky to have had this miracle.

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