The mother of three children managed to lose 55 kg. This is what she looks like now

How many people in the world want to lose extra pounds and it should be noted that the cause of excess weight is not always the desire to eat. Today we will tell you about an ordinary resident of Australia, Keli, who after the birth of her third child gained so much weight that she was afraid to stand on the scales.

In principle, everyone knows well that after the birth of a baby a woman gains a little kg, Keli was no exception. The young mother wanted to get back in shape, but she didn’t know where to start.

She wanted to move, keep track of the children, but only her extra weight bothered her a lot. The young mother pulled herself together and followed the correct diet: she excluded all unnecessary portions from her diet, refused snacks in cafes, and also took up pole dancing.

Her food was in containers so as not to cross the border, and she survived: Keli lost 55 kg in one year without surgery and without deterioration of her health.

From now on, no one will recognize her as the old plump Keli.

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