‘The loneliest elephant in the world’ fell in love for the first time in years

The story of an elephant named Karavan will not leave anyone indifferent. This elephant survived the terrible attitude of people, life in poor conditions, the death of his beloved, after which he suffered for many years.. Only recently the life of Kaavan played with new colors — he was interested in the female for the first time in a few years.

The story of an elephant named Kaavan is very touching. He was born in Sri Lanka, but in 1985 he was transferred to Pakistan. After five years, a female named Saheli was hooked up in Kaawan, with whom the he elephant had love. Unfortunately she died of a blood infection and Kaawan fell into deep anguish. Kaavan was malnourished, kept in nightmarish conditions and isolated from other elephants, forcing him to play to the delight of the public.

Only five years later, a miracle happened in Kaavan’s life, and singer Cher helped him. The singer organized a rescue operation for the elephant, and transported it to the Cambodian reserve Kulen Prum TEP. The elephant took an interest in one of the females, who lives in an aviary next to him. This news could only delight the guardians!

So far, Kaavan lives in a separate aviary — he needs to get used to the new situation, parents, as well as heal from past wounds. After some time, he will be transferred to a common aviary, where he can meet this same female. “Kaavana is called the loneliest elephant in the world. But he is no longer alone…

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