The Local Furniture Store Always Makes Sure Dogs Have A Comfortable Place To Sleep

Every day on the way to work for the past six years, Dr. Jem Baikal has invariably passed by the same furniture company. Plus, he can never help noticing two stray dogs wandering past the house every time he passes by.

The two puppies are inseparable and close friends.

Istikbal Mobile store offers home furniture including sofas, curtains and beds. The hostess decided to take action to improve the lives of local homeless animals, as she fed them with weakness.

According to Baikal, who spoke to The Dodo, “the owner of this business puts one of the mattresses (with a plastic cover) in front of the store.” This bed could be one of the arrivals, or it could be the one they are selling that day.

According to Baikal, “they don’t turn the bed on its side, they just lay it flat and those two strays turn on and sleep there every time.” “The store offers a bed every day if it’s winter.

Thanks to the store owner, homeless people no longer have to seek solace on cold cement sidewalks. Dogs are well known in the area and dependent on neighbors caring for them, but this store takes things a step further.

“This street is known as a wealthy neighborhood and everyone gives local dogs and cats food or water, but usually no one provides them with quality bedding,” Baikal said. “In this store it is like that.”

On a cold and wet day, Baikal saw stray dogs curled up on a mattress and decided to photograph them. She then posted the image on Twitter to thank the store owner. Even with a plastic covering, some people are skeptical about the cleanliness of the mattresses, but most people appreciated this generous gesture.

Despite the bad weather, Baikal recently visited a store to see how the stray animals were doing.

On the way to the hospital early in the morning, Baikal said: “It really rained this morning in Istanbul. I paid tribute to my friends. “The bed linen was still there, even though the store was closed. The slacker stayed in bed, but his boyfriend didn’t sleep and was next to him.

Looks like the puppies want to pay for a good deed upfront.

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