The lives of eight twins 12 years later

In 2009, California record holder Nadia Suleman managed to survive being the mother of eight children born at the same time.

Although Nadia is known as a “mom of eight” and “super mom”, she has had some tough times.

However, a doctor agreed to IVF and she underwent a remarkable procedure in which 12 fertilized eggs were implanted. This brave specialist was subsequently disqualified, but Nadia entered the Guinness book.

Nadia gives his name as David Solomon, but his connections have not confirmed this information.

State benefits were woefully inadequate, as was its power. Suleman’s life has never been easy.

It was revealed that she participated in sexually provocative photo shoots and danced in bars. Nadia was accused of spending money on her looks instead of providing for her children and not giving them a proper education. The family home was put up for auction due to millions of dollars in debt. Suleman suffered from depression and neurological disorders.

According to some reports, this multi-ethnic mother completed her medical studies helping women with difficulties in their lives to get back on their feet. Her eldest son, Suleman, is now 19 and her second son is 11.

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