The kitten grew up and surprised everyone with its beauty

A volunteer from the overexposure organization Kitty Cottage, a girl named Beth, was told of the baby kitten left alone and struggling to survive.

And seeing the baby, Beth simply lost her speech: at three weeks from birth, he looked like he was born yesterday.

Due to health issues, he was even abandoned by the cat’s mother.

It was possible to feed such a weakened baby only artificially – by tube and then from a bottle, the only way to provide him with quality care.

But even these technical tricks in the early days were not enough, and kotorebenku simply put support dropper.

Guinness (as the kitten was called) in day one, he needed people’s hourly attention, so Beth’s whole family looked after him.

Soon the kitten grew significantly stronger, began to eat on its own, very attached to its family and especially to Beth – on the chest it used to sleep.

And family members were amazed when a beautiful, friendly and affectionate cat began to grow from a small zamukhryshki, which became a true and faithful friend to everyone in Beth’s family.

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