The homeless dog carried a package between its teeth. That day he saved a little life

We must love, care for and appreciate our little brothers, because they are the ones who stay with us in the most difficult times.

This fascinating story took place in Thailand. A homeless dog wandered the streets as usual, hoping to find a kind person to feed him. And so, the dog heard an unusual squeak next to the garbage can, which he probably compared to the meowing of kittens. The dog approached and noticed the package, picked it up and dragged it with him. It’s unclear how long the dog walked like this, but at some point it turned around and walked towards one of the houses.

The dog barked until the owners left the house. They looked into the unusual package and saw a baby barely breathing. The woman immediately called an ambulance, which took the baby to the intensive care unit.

Now the child is in hospital and recovering, and the dog has been given the nickname Pugh and given a rescue collar.

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