The granddaughter did her 80-year-old grandmother’s makeup, and the grandmother is now an internet star.

One of the secrets of a woman’s youth and beauty is the right make-up, which emphasizes her natural attractiveness.
Photos of an 80-year-old woman from Croatia carrying out a daring experiment have been circulating on the internet.

She asked her makeup artist granddaughter to give her a makeover. The result was attractive. his grandmother suddenly looked 20 years younger.

When grandmother Livia made such an unusual request to her granddaughter, no one could have guessed that the idea would go around the world.

Makeup artist Thea Flego decided to experiment with “lifting makeup” and the result exceeded all expectations. After a while, she no longer looked like an old woman, but like an elegant and energetic woman who has to walk around the shops.

Thea Flego is a successful makeup artist and she has shown the world how makeup can transform a person and make them look 10-20 years younger.

This time, she showed off her contouring makeup skills on Livia’s beloved grandmother.

She decided to share the results on popular social networks, photos of her grandmother with the nickname Glam-Ma appeared on the Internet.

This woman really loves popularity, she loves the excitement surrounding her name, the attention to her personality.

But above all, of course, she is satisfied to have been able to find common interests with her granddaughter.

And Livia is enjoying her new look, proving to us there’s no such thing as “too old”.

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