The Friendly Cat Has Started Bringing Flowers To Its Neighbors

Friendly cat Willow regularly surprises neighbors with flower buds.

As a woman named Rosie says, the cat lives in the house next door, but every day comes to their garden and with him for a little while, almost every time he brings small little pink flowers in his teeth.

“We live in a street with terraced houses and behind these houses there are gardens that form a long corridor with fences. This Willow cat visits at least six gardens every day and I’m sure he gets petted and treated with treats everywhere, because it’s very hard to refuse.”

Rosie tried to close the back door, but Willow stood below her and mewed loudly until it was opened.

And as Rosie learned, it also happens in the houses next door. There the cat has long been accustomed and especially to her put near the back door of the box, where the cat can lie down. Also for her there is always a bowl of water and food.

Willow is an incredibly friendly and endearing cat, and with spring this year, she suddenly started bringing little pink flowers to Rosie’s porch.

When Rosie found a torn flower bud on her porch, she decided the wind had brought it. But the next day there was still a flower and more than one. And then Rosie saw the cat Willow with a pink flower in her mouth and filmed it.

Over time, dozens of flowers were already on Rosie’s porch, and the porch looked like a place for a romantic date.

“I’m so excited about this. Willow is such a cute cat, I’ve never seen anything like it. Usually, cats bring dead birds or mice to people’s porches, and this one has flowers! And these flowers that she uproots in the garden of her masters and brings to us. She must love us very much.”

Willow undoubtedly believes that everyone around her is her master. She likes to enter their houses and even lie on the sofa, without being bothered at all.

What its real owners think of such cat behavior is unknown.

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