The family thought their dog was gone forever, but he came back with an unexpected note on his collar

Owners of a dog nicknamed Louis knew he was a good boy, but they couldn’t imagine how good he was. In fact, he’s a real hero. Louis lives in New Zealand with the parents of Marolyn Diver, who told this story. As a puppy, Louis loved adventure. He constantly wandered around the vast estates belonging to his masters, leaving home for many hours.

But with age, this desire began to fade, and at the age of 12 the dog preferred to stay closer to home. And then one day, the overgrown Louis disappeared, which, of course, worried his owners, who feared that Louis might forget where the house was. They had no idea that Louis was saving someone’s life.

All day the owners couldn’t find their beloved dog, and their joy knew no bounds when Louis finally returned. They also found a mysterious note attached to his collar.

The dog looked very tired and immediately went to bed. The owners immediately came up with a huge number of terrifying options for what happened to their dog. But the note said: Louis is the hero of the day. He led me to Maddy who was in trouble, stuck under a pile of branches. Hello from Rob.

Rob is the farmer who lives next door and Maddie is his dog who got lost and got stuck in the branches. But Louis came to her rescue and forced Rob to follow him to bring her to her. Louis also helped free the unfortunate woman by raking branches with her owner.

After the rescue, the two dogs immediately ran to drink fatigue water. Rob thanked Louie with a pile of dog biscuits and attached a note to his collar to let his owners know their dog is a real hero!

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